Favorite words that mean 'good'...and 'bad'?

topic posted Fri, July 4, 2008 - 1:43 PM by  Benjamin
This is the 'thin' part of my vocabulary and
needs some bulking up.

Care to help?
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  • on the good side I like: Stunning, Awesome, Excellent, delicious, fabulous, fantastic, breathtaking, nectar, primo, aces, tops.

    on the off chance, shoddy, revolting, grotesque, abysmal, pathetic, inconsequential, frivolous, anathema, coarse, banal, trite.
    • among MANY others...on the good side i like bravissimo (Italian) and also rico (Spanish; literally it means "tasty", though in Colombian Spanish it additionally gets used in a slang way to refer to anything highly enjoyable). in English we have the ever-popular "cool" - and that's cool with me. i also like beautifull, sweet, and righteous, as in calling a good guy a righteous dude. i mustn't forget "top notch".
      as for the bad stuff: disgusting, shit, EVIL, sociopathic, unprincipled, weak, chickenshit, sucks out loud, sucks the big one, oppressive, horrid, horrific, brutal, cruel.

      one more nice thing: "da kine". that's Hawaiian slang and surfer slang. it means "the best".
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    The verb "sanction" and the adjective "incredible" cover both ends of the spectrum simultaneously.You could bamboozle some people with "meritorious" and "meritritious" -- or are you looking for clear "good" and "bad" terms?
    • I'm just noticing that expressions of displeasure are WAY more creative and
      detailed and enjoyable than the pale: 'excellent','cool' or 'incredible' that have been mentioned a few times on the positive side.

      No offense anyone...I'm just sayin'!

      But I've heard a few on here I like, rico is a good one.
      I'll probably use that.

      I've picked up 'delicious' from my describe the breeze usually.
      (It gets hot here in Texas!)

      Sanction? Nectar??
      Ya learn somethin' new every day
      ...not sure those will get much play but thanks for contributing!
      • good:
        Choice, shaka, to the nines, dreamy, vivacious, Diva, snap, devine, golden, irresistible, noteworthy, if phrasology is allowed,
        when dealing with food, Party in my mouth when something is particularly noteworthy.
        This next one has so many contexts it can be used both for good and bad,
        F*(K me to tears! or running or or or... usually used to indicate I am toooooooo through!!

        anyone remember the 80's and Bad = good? ugh....
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          And cool is hot, or is hot cool? Anyway, capital is a fine, splendid, honorable, and stolid word. Heart-warming, delightful, brilliant, witty, sharp, praiseworthy, insightful, deep, amazing, worth the price of admission.
  • Metal – so bad that it's good ;) the good side of bad, brutal in an entertaining way
    Hard core – same thing, basically, but less brutal (if X is good, XX is hard core)

    It all depends on your view of what's good and what's bad. Is it a dark good?

    All the good words for good get overused on television commercials.
    You could steal Paris Hilton's "That's hot."
    You could steal "uber" from the Germans, and then just add it to everything. "That's uber fantastic."

    Of course, if you're not into metal, you could use these words to mean bad things, too. Which, by the way, makes the metal guys even happier.

    Basically, take something you like and apply it to good things. Take something you don't like and apply it to bad things. "The music is totally peaches, but that vocalist is Pat Buchanan."
    • I feel I need to say, my favorite "bad" word is abysmal, but I try very, very hard not to use it very often at all.

      And I like to modify my good modifiers with "excruciatingly"… which makes people look at me funny.

      "My diet is going excruciatingly well." (so well it hurts?)

      Or sometimes something just shy of excruciatingly… "I'm painfully happy today, and I don't know why." (Being happy hurts?)